Embrace the Voice of the Customer! Top VoC Trends for 2011

"Embracing the VoC will make the difference between success and failure for many organizations over the coming years."

Gartner 2010

It is widely acknowledged that Voice of the Customer programmes are becoming increasingly recognised as key components of not just customer service efforts, but also in strategic decision making. In this first of three blog posts this week, we outline our top VOC trends for the coming year.

1.    Customer Insight - With Voice of the Customer programmes crucial in improving the customer experience, companies will increasingly start to use insight created from the analysis of feedback to drive strategic decision making.

2.    Voice of the Employee - At last companies are starting to understand and appreciate the role of their employees in building customer loyalty and improving the customer experience. Call Centres will increasingly be manned by employees trained in customer service, equipped to deal effectively with customer issues.

3.    Multiple touch points - It is now critical for companies to offer their customers the same experience regardless of which channel the customer chooses to communicate in - whether via the Web, by phone, email, text or completing a survey. Companies should determine which are the key channels for their customers, and then make sure that they can offer the same level of service at every customer touch point.

Check out Wednesday's post for three more SynGro trends for 2011.

Written by Keith Schorah on 13 December 2010 at 00:00


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