VoC trends for 2011 - Part 2

"VoC-focused technologies will become critical investment areas for many organizations during the next five years."

Gartner 2010

This is the second of three posts in which we are outlining our thoughts on emerging VoC trends for next year.

4. VoC Hub - By placing VoC at the centre of the business, VoC Hub solutions enable integration with key business systems such as financial and operational data. This then ensures action is taken to improve service and communicate to both affected customers and organisational departments.

5. Closed Loop Feedback - Individuals empowered to resolve problems must ensure that the customer's query is resolved, dealt with efficiently and communicated back to the customer - closing the loop and leaving the customer satisfied with his experience. As a result, organisations can quickly and effectively turn difficult situations into an opportunity to enhance the customer experience and strengthen the relationship.

6. Role-Specific Reporting - By providing the right people with the right information, employees can see customer feedback and importantly, act upon it to resolve issues. Managers will see different reports from front-line staff; directors will see reports relevant to the information they need to be able to act.

Check back later this week for the remaining trends for the coming year.

Written by Keith Schorah on 15 December 2010 at 00:00


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