Latest addition: New Mobile SMS features

In response to customer demand, SynGro has today just released an enhanced version of our Mobile SMS (short message service) integration features. These features, the latest addition to our Voice of the Customer (VOC) software suite, are aimed specifically at driving action within organisations to engage workforces in targeted and priority areas.

In addition to our standard customer engagement capability using SMS, SynGro's Voice of the Customer solution now includes new SMS features to deliver real time information concerning customer issues, events, complaints and feedback activity direct to mobile employees. They can then remotely interact with the Voice of the Customer platform to request more detail and manage follow up activity.

I believe that delivering real time information to mobile users empowers them and helps drive action at the earliest opportunity.  SynGro's intelligent Voice of the Customer solution delivers sophisticated and highly flexible customer and employee communications capabilities, using multiple channels. While smart phones and hand held devices with email capability provide rich data possibilities, the simplicity and reliability of SMS remains an important and efficient option for some clients.

Underlying the SynGro concept is the ability to drive the right actions leading to the best outcomes in growing the lifetime value of an organisation's customer base. Unlike any other Voice of the Customer solution currently on the market, the Voice of the Customer software suite includes new knowledge management, action orientation and collaboration features aimed at encouraging focused engagement throughout the whole organisation to enhance customer experience.

If you are interested to learn more about our technology or how SMS can be used to drive action within organisations - please get in touch.

Written by Tim Wild on 20 July 2010 at 00:00


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