Is Apple’s customer satisfaction slipping?

With an incredibly popular profile and a customer-focused outlook are Apple slipping in their customer satisfaction stakes? Positive word of mouth for Apple? Not in this case….

I recently bought an iPod Shuffle on the express recommendation of the retailer who insisted that if I was buying purely for running (which I was), this was the only product to consider. I love it. I then made my way to buy new running shoes - Nike. Excellent, I thought - I can get that gadget that fits in my shoe and connects to the iPod to tell me how far I have run. So I bought the shoes, only to then discover that the two are not compatible - I needed to buy a Nano... so the product designed for running does not work with the running shoe.

By chance I then received a survey from Apple, enquiring about my recent purchase and, coincidentally, whether I had tried the Nike gadget. So I sent feedback to the above effect - i.e. isn't it a bit pointless to have a running product that doesn't work with a running product? 'Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey', said Apple. Silence. I have heard nothing since. Next time I won't bother wasting my time filling in their survey, since they don't take the time to show me I'm a valued customer by acknowledging my comments. I might have even bought a Nano. Not now.

Written by Nigel Martin on 05 May 2010 at 00:00
Categories:  Customer Feedback


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