12 Trends in Voice of the Customer for 2012 - Part 2

The Next Installment in our series of 12 Trends in Voice of the Customer for 2012 looks at the crunching large amounts of data and examining customer preferences to make the customer experience part of the brand:

Making customer insight part of the brand experience

Customer feedback is increasingly being used in company strategy and has become a rich source of insight. As collecting feedback becomes more frequent, companies will look to integrate feedback gathering into the brand experience. The methods of collection will be matched to the brand with integration into the total experience in mind.

Data Rich Environments

With the increase in available channels for customer feedback, a huge amount of data is being gathered from customers. Channels such as social media create a large amount of useful data, but there is a necessity to analyse this data in order to gain insight. An increase in the complexity and speed of analysis will allow companies to learn more about their customers.

The right channel for the right customer at the right time

Customers will offer feedback on different areas of service based on when they are asked for feedback. By using event based surveys and taking into account the customer's preference, the maximum amount of useful feedback can be gathered from each customer.

Written by Keith Schorah on 19 December 2011 at 00:00


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