How do you start to improve the customer experience?

Companies often don't realise how many interactions they have with customers. These touch points can be at different stages of the buying process. It is fundamental that a company needs to understand what each of these relevant stages are. Customer journey mapping allows not only visualisations of these touch points to be created, but the process of developing the journey map will create organisational learning of the service elements and communications which are key to delivering a positive customer experience at each stage.

Using the customer journey map, an event based sampling strategy can be implemented. Feedback can be measured at each key stage, triggered by an event such as after a service call. Such a strategy can provide sufficient insight to drive improvements of each stage, which will contribute to driving improvements in the customers overall experience. Determining the points at which feedback is gathered ensures that feedback is timely and relevant.

Improvements to the customer experience can be gained by driving action from feedback which is relevant and up to date. Customer journey mapping identifies the most important touch points with customers, allowing service improvements to have the best impact.

Written by Nigel Martin on 08 June 2011 at 00:00
Categories:  Customer Experience , Syngro


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