Customer Service Trends: Going beyond the Social Media Basics

In honour of National customer service week, here at SynGro we have been looking at the most pervasive trends which have, over the last 12 months been shaping companies customer service offering. We will be sharing the trends over a number of blog posts throughout the week.

These days most businesses have a facebook page and a twitter account and they interact with their customers using them. While this is an excellent way to engage with customers, many businesses are failing to go beyond these basic tools to realise the biggest benefit of social media, unsolicited feedback. 

Unsolicited feedback is littered all over social networks, whether it's someone commenting on the meal they just ate or someone talking about the jacket they just bought. Businesses need to find ways to seek out comments and engage with those customers. The challenge for the next 12 months will not only be adding structure to the social data, but linking the individual social identity to that of a customer to enable actions to be taken.

By actively listening and engaging in improvement actions, businesses can ensure quality of service and any problems can be rectified quickly.

Written by Nigel Martin on 05 October 2011 at 00:00
Categories:  Customer Service


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