Customer Service Trends: Real-Time Customer Service

Developments in technology in recent times have created an expectation among customers that services will be available on demand.  With many services offering an online real time product experience, the risk of churn is significantly higher when customers are made to wait. 

Customer Service tools have been tracking this trend and it has spawned a number of new real time developments. Tools like Live chat allow users to log onto a company's website and immediately be connected to a customer service agent. Along with this, developments within call centres have meant agents can now solve more issues for customers on the spot. 

The next step in the development of real time customer service is in connecting all the data available on customers into a single view. Having a single view of the customer allows a customer service agent to review all the possible solutions and choose the best one.

Written by Nigel Martin on 07 October 2011 at 00:00


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