How to Compete on Customer Experience

In the UK alone, businesses are losing £12bn a year as a result of poor customer experience. It's no surprise that Voice of the Customer programmes are recognised as a priority investment as a result.

However, the open secret is that many organisations adopt Voice of the Customer initiatives only to find their investment compromised by fatal errors.

In our latest SynGro Customer Experience briefing paper, How To Compete on Customer Experience, we provide six strategic steps to follow to ensure that your VoC programme succeeds. We answer the key questions:

  • What is the best way to benchmark against competitors?
  • How can metrics serve as a catalyst for change?
  • Why do 92% of CX programmes falter?

Our research has shown that whilst 90% of large organisations have a formal customer feedback programme, less than a third communicate to their customers what they are doing to improve as a result.Too few companies are acting strategically on their feedback.

If you ask for an opinion you must:

  • Listen and have the right tools and metrics to measure and create meaningful insight.
  • Do something to improve and ensure ‘something’ is the right thing.
  • Communicate your action back to the customer. If you do then you will be better than 69% of your
  • Identify what the root causes are of the issues and use insight to drive change in terms of both
    process and people.
  • Prioritise your response based on customer value / potential customer value.

To get free, instant access to the full briefing paper, How to Compete on Customer Experience, click the front cover:

How to Compete on Customer Experience Front Cover

Written by Nigel Martin on 17 July 2013 at 13:19


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