Why do Customer Experience programmes fail?

Many Voice of the Customer programmes fail to deliver the expected ROI. Why?

An initiative to drive business forward through greater understanding and responsiveness to customer feedback can be daunting. The key challenges is in ensuring that front line staff and senior management across all departments are aware of their roles and responsibilities.Without that type of structure, and without senior level ownership of the outcomes, CX projects can easily fail.

Here are three critical tips that can make all the difference between success and failure:

Know what you're measuring

It is essential that VoC programs are able to correlate movements in customer satisfaction (measured by whichever metric) to gains in commercial KPIs such as average spend, share of wallet, account profitability, retention and acquisition. If you can't confidently map financial returns to better customer service, the programme will falter.

Take action to delight customers

Communicate your action back to the customer. If you do then you will be better than 69% of your competitors. It is little surprise that only 8% can confidently declare that they have been successful in improving their business and creating cultural change in response to their customer feedback. 

It is essential to maximise the effectiveness of your CX programme by factoring in account size, lifetime customer value and more in prioritising your response.

Where a business case is made identify what the root causes are of the issues and use the insight to drive true change in the business both in process terms and people whether it is through training, corrective action or replacement based on attitude and skills. Data gathering in and of itself will not create the customer-centric culture needed to deliver real success.

Don't fall behind

Gartner rate VoC as the strategic investment for the next three to five years with an annual growth rate of +35%. 

The value of the field is recognised with good reason. However, it is how a customer experience programme is implemented and embraced by the organisation that will determine its success.

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Written by Nigel Martin on 05 June 2013 at 14:00


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