Ryanair commits to customer experience

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary has made a commitment to improve customer experience at the airline, but challenges remain.

Profits dipped 6% in May 2014 so there is still work to be done to convince consumers that Ryanair can become the customer-centric airline of choice, and be known less for the restrictions placed on travellers.

Michael O'Leary remains upbeat:

“On the customer experience side, we moved allocated seating, a much simpler, easier-to-use website with a fare finder facility which customers are really responding very favorably to.

Our website, which was worst-in-class is now moving very rapidly to being becoming best-in-class. You can now get through it very quickly to make a booking.

The fare finder facility is unique and something that passengers are responding very, very favorably to. In fact we note that one of competitors – Easyjet – recently announced their plans to copy our fare finder, but they won’t have it for a number of months yet.”

However, a stated commitment to improve customer experiences is typically not enough to cause a public re-evaluation. It is through direct engagement and experiencing change that builds new levels of understanding, trust and advocacy among customers.

The role of the CEO remains important. As the keystone of any company, the CEO has to not only set the tone but establish the processes and empower the individuals responsible for delivering their vision.

Written by Martin Calvert on 03 June 2014 at 16:10
Categories:  CEO , Customer Centric Culture


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