Which? 100 best and worst companies for customer service

Which?, the UK consumer organisation has just released its latest ranking of the 100 best and worst UK companies for customer service. How does your company rank?

The top ten, including joint winners:

Which Top Companies For Customer Service 22 09 2014

For contrast, the top five ranked companies from the 2013 Which? customer service survey were as follows:

Top five: Lush - 88pc; Lakeland - 85pc; First Direct - 84pc; John Lewis - 82pc; RAC - 82pc

As we can see, other than the dip for the RAC, the top performers have managed to largely maintain their status. From financial services and supermarkets to online retail and entertainment - no industry has a monopoly on great customer service.

The same cannot be said for the bottom performers:

Which Bottom Ten Companies For Customer Service Sept 2014

Clearly utility companies and telecommunications providers are over-represented when it comes to what consumers perceive as poor customer service - and their perception is everything.

Though telco and utility companies have increasingly invested in their people and processes to do more and do it better, the high expectations of customers, slim margins and the pressure to provide always-on reliability means they have it tough.

For comparison, the bottom five from the 2013 survey again shows familiar names:

TK Maxx - 62pc; 99pc Stores - 62pc; TalkTalk - 59pc; Npower - 59pc; Ryanair- 54pc

How can companies whose customers feel unsatisfied become competitive on customer experience?

Whatever your starting point, the SynGro briefing paper How To Compete on Customer Experience can help guide your next steps. Click below to download:

How to Compete on Customer Experience Front Cover

 The full list of companies operating in the UK ranked by customer service by consumers is as follows:

Which Full List 100 Companies For Customer Service Sept 2014

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