Who is responsible for managing the customer experience programme?

2 rows of people greyCustomers engage with a wide variety of departments across many touch points, so who should be responsible for managing the customer experience programme?

A recent poll of more than three hundred business leaders conducted during a SynGro webinar revealed that in more than a third of companies the responsibility of customer experience is an overarching vision involving all departments.

diagram from webinar

This is hardly surprising as for any customer experience programme to succeed, all departments need to be committed to the customer experience vision and devoted to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Although customer experience is too important a topic to be devolved to a single department, this is what many companies continue to do - even though we all understand that customers encounter a wide variety of departments across many touch points.

Feedback must be captured at every stage of the customer journey to achieve an integrated, single view of the multi-channel customer journey. Without this, it is almost impossible to move forward with cohesive and impactful service improvements.

Ultimately, to get all departments aligned to the customer experience vision, the CEO plays a critical role.

The most successful customer experience programmes all have one thing in common—a CEO who recognises the crucial value of customer-centricity and ensures that their commitment to the customer cascades through the entire organisation.


Written by Lyndsey Gardner on 13 April 2015 at 14:00
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