Customer Intelligence: Conquering the CX battleground

The Customer Experience world is changing. As contemporary organisations look for higher business value from their CX programmes and as data volumes dramatically increase, traditional practices and technology platforms are evolving to keep pace.

Customer Intelligence has evolved to be the next generation of value creation for customer-centric organisations.

Customer Intelligence is a new methodology for customer experience insight that has evolved to meet the need for a single view of all customer-related information, including financial information.

Customer Intelligence (CI)platforms should provide an amalgam of customer-centric information that would traditionally be pieced together manually from systems such as Voice of the Customer (VoC), CRM, financial and operational systems. Specifically, the CI platform should integrate multi-format, multi-structured feedback from across all customer channels and combine this with financial and operational data. Customer insight is gained from the transformation of these large volumes of disparate customer-based data from across the organisation into highly accessible and detailed customer constellations of actionable outputs.

In essence, Customer Intelligence takes the best from VoC and BI systems (the first of which is unable to offer flexibility of data integration; the latter does not cater for CX specific requirements) and makes it operational.

 voc v BI

Most companies today agree that customer experience is an organisation-wide priority. And yet, many find it difficult to widely engage and empower employees because existing technologies preclude wide user adoption, and make it difficult to drive specific actions from insight.

An effective Customer Intelligence platform should also decentralise data discovery so that any business user can quickly find the insight they need. Crucially, the platform should present these insights in such a way that the business user intuitively knows what action is required, and it should be able to drive action based on these customer insights.

What should a Customer Intelligence platform offer?

1. Elimination of customer information data silos  

Consolidate all customer feedback, complaints, and customer interactions.

2. Customisable reports created by business users  

To allow business users to create their own insight that is relevant to them, irrespective of hierarchy or organisational structure.

3. Integration of customer experience data with other organisational data  

Give context to feedback by overlaying business information to enable insightful decision making.

4. Ability to create actions and manage with workflow  

To schedule and track essential follow-up actions and operationalise CX insight. Make actions visible and people accountable.

5. Reduced costs; increased scalability and value

Large scale integration and multi-use of the software platform to enable CX to be an organisation wide priority. No high set-up or punitive licence fee costs. Reduced total cost of ownership.

The application of Customer Intelligence is the crucial mechanism by which Customer Experience adds real value, and positions companies to outperform their rivals.

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Written by Mhairi Wilson on 24 November 2015 at 11:00


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