SynGro Webinar back by popular demand: How to create powerful Customer Experience data visualisations

Why is data visualisation so important to Customer Experience?

Put simply, data visualisations provide a clear 360 single view of the truth for Customer Experience professionals.

Join our upcoming webinar which will provide step-by-step guidance to create powerful CX data visualisations for insight and profitable action. This webinar is back by popular demand after we held a session in May and received an overwhelming number of positive responses from attendees, who found the webinar extremely useful and relevant to them.

Interestingly from the previous poll results, 87% of respondent’s colleagues don't track performance against CX KPIs and only 8% are able to integrate customer data on an enterprise scale. Register now to our webinar for best practice ideas and hints and tips to combat these statistics.

An impressive 99% of survey respondents also rated our speaker's knowledge good or excellent!

We're also very happy to be joined once again by our guest speaker, Professor Aaron Quigley from St Andrews University, who has delivered over 50 talks covering information visualisation.

Join our insightful complimentary webinar on Thursday 15th June if you are interested in unlocking the secrets to creating brilliantly powerful CX visualisations for your organisation.


  • Introduction
  • Laying solid foundations with robust CX objectives and strategy
  • The crucial data integration process
  • Useful ways to visualise and understand data in custom-built dashboards
  • Using this newly discovered insight to drive profitable business action
  • Q&A

Register here to reserve your space today!

Written by Lisa Kenny on 08 June 2017 at 11:00


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