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At SynGro we believe that no industry is immune from the benefits of customer experience management.

That's why our leading voice of the customer software has been designed to meet the specific needs of multiple B2C and B2B industries, with the configurability and scalability needed to future-proof your investment.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to customer experience management. To mobilise the company, you require a solution that will map to your business requirements and deliver demonstrable profit from insight.

By aligning customer insight to business goals, we have helped our clients to achieve outstanding success across many industries including the telecommunications, beverage, manufacturing, professional and financial services sectors.

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CX and the Telecommunications Industry

CX and Manufacturing & Industrial Sectors

CX and Technical & Professional Services

CX and Financial Services

CX and Retail

Your industry. Your software

  • Capture customer feedback instantly from the most appropriate channel for your industry and customers - choose from email, SMS, web, phone, IVR, in-store, social media and more, with scheduling rules to ensure you only ask for feedback at appropriate times.


  • Easily achieve a single view of customers uniting customer feedback with critical segmentation, financial, and operational data to creat powerful business intelligence and reveal strengths and weaknesses across the entire customer journey.


  • Industry-specific reporting and automated analysis of unstructured feedback to identify the root cause of key issues. Proactively manage customer experience to intercept at-risk accounts and maintain share of wallet.


  • Complete closed loop concern resolution and service recovery - take action to resolve customer concerns and use in-system best operating practice and business improvement project modules to create a powerful staff knowledgebase specific to your company, industry and customers.
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