Create Lasting Customer Relationships

Banks and other financial institutions were once the most trusted organisations in the world. Yours can be again.

Customer trust in financial institutions is at an all time low. Increased scrutiny and new regulations that facilitate customer switching make attracting and retaining customers more difficult than ever.

The true leaders in banking and FS go beyond just meeting regulatory requirements and harness customer experience to drive change.

Differentiate on customer experience

Financial institutions are incredibly data-rich organisations.

Knowing what to focus on is critical. SynGro’s purpose is to measure and distil customer feedback and financial information into actionable insight that fuels profitable change to boost retention, trust and advocacy.

Customer Intelligence for Financial Services

Consolidate customer data

No more siloes: one clear view of the customer to power confident decision-making. Correlate customer data with financial information to find out what high value customers and key segments have to say - and act.

Multi-channel excellence

Banking customers engage across a growing number of touch points  - branch, mobile, online and more. SynGro measures customer experience at every touch point to improve the weak links and reduce customer effort.

Identify opportunities for cross-sell success

SynGro software empowers staff with the insight they need to successfully and responsibly sell more by identifying the perfect time to engage - or not engage - with customers.

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