Think Customer Experience is just for B2C? Think again.

From manufacturing to fabrication, oil & gas to industrial engineering— B2B leaders are increasingly focussing on customer experience management. Why?

The secret is out. CX helps B2B firms retain customers and increase customer advocacy and share of wallet.

For years, manufacturing and industrial companies have been impacted by increasing commoditisation.

Although globalisation and new technology has opened new markets, it has also presented new challenges from low cost rivals. How can you compete on more than price and increase customer loyalty? 

Harness customer intelligence and differentiate on value and great experiences - not price

SynGro are the B2B customer experience technology platform specialists.

SynGro Customer Intelligence

A single, real time view of B2B customer truth

Gather customer feedback from any channel and integrate with financials to understand, prioritise and act. Get a complete picture of your customer relationships in beautiful reports that reflect your B2B operations.

Reveal the early warning signs of client churn

Client dissatisfaction is often only uncovered during contract renewals or worse - when a competitor has already been chosen. SynGro's B2B clients use real time customer insight to measure loyalty and uncover the early warning signs of churn.

Don't stop at the buyer - delight critical influencers too

Too many B2B relationships are in the hands of account managers liaising with single decision-makers. Our CX software measures the entire relationship, creating a bulletproof client connection.

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