Successfully Compete on Customer Experience

Technical and professional services companies are aware that their clients have alternative options. To achieve real growth, customer advocacy is essential.

Put simply, being “good enough” is not good enough.

Too many service companies create risk by placing the client relationship entirely on under-pressure account managers and their connection with a single key contact.

If there is dissatisfaction among influencers and end-users, the view of the decision maker can rapidly change and leave you on the back foot.

SynGro software ensures that influencers are engaged with meaningfully in real time. Feedback trends and root causes are quickly identified. Service recovery becomes pro-active and cost-effective.

The result? Clients stay longer, share of wallet increases and recommendations skyrocket.

SynGro Customer Intelligence Solutions

Reveal the influencer hierarchy

Easily gather complete, real time feedback from decision makers, influencers and end users to to identify and address any dissatisfaction to create a bulletproof connection with clients.

Eliminate guesswork and drive the right action

Understand the issues that matter most to your customers to determine the key improvement actions that will deliver game changing enhancements to the customer experience.

Create account management best practice

Respond to at-risk customer accounts by taking action based on real time financial risk and opportunity.

Use insight to create an unbeatable standard of service underpinned by meaningful KPIs to reduce customer churn, promote advocacy and sell more.

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