The Struggle to Deliver Consistent Brand Experiences

Retailers have a problem. In today's era of multi-channel retail and agile customers, how can you maintain a consistent brand image, exceed customer expectations and drive real loyalty?

The fact is, your customers don’t differentiate between an in-store encounter, contact centre call, online checkout or a social media query; they expect the same high level of service wherever and whenever they reach out to you.

Many retailers have the necessary channels but do not have the insight required to deliver a seamless customer experience.

What is the solution?

SynGro CX software gathers and analyses customer feedback from real time surveys, social media, complaints and much more for the singular purpose of driving action to increase loyalty, boost spend and promote advocacy.

Customer Intelligence for the Retail Sector

360° customer insight

SynGro’s CX software gathers omni-channel customer feedback in real time and overlays financial & operational data to create a powerful single customer view for retailers.

With multiple retail channels, there are many opportunities to impress, but also disappoint customers - apply granular insight into customer journeys and uncover the weak links.

Spot opportunities for cross-sell success

Successfully sell more to customers by identifying the right time to engage and cross sell. Only target happy customers who fit the ideal customer profile to maximise success.

Employee engagement and customer-centric KPIs

Establish and measure KPIs that not only benefit customers but also energise in-store employees - while boosting the bottom line.

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