CX and the Mobile Telecommunications Sector

Telecommunications companies are often credited as being on the leading edge of customer experience management but are you keeping pace with the competition?

With millions of companies being challenged by the highest of customer expectations, slim margins and saturated markets, the challenge is to retain your most valuable customers while attracting those of your rivals. The most powerful and cost-effective way to do this is to compete on customer experience—not on price.

Driving true loyalty and advocacy is no mean feat and the pace of customer-centric change for telcos is unique. You have to be confident that you can get - and stay – ahead.

SynGro's international telco clients have a combined customer base of over 65 million subscriptions. We are the trusted CX software partner for telcos who are committed to building the customer's voice into the beating heart of their operations.

Customer Experience Technology for Telcos

Complete multi-channel customer insight

Telcos are incredibly data rich organisations - separating noise from insight is critical. SynGro’s CX software gathers omni-channel customer feedback in real time and overlays financial & operational data to create a powerful single customer view

Proactively manage risk of customer switching

Intercept negative trends in customer feedback and recover high value customers. Manage customer retention intelligently by uncovering the weak links in service and prioritising impactful improvements guided by insight.

Identify cross-sell opportunities and achieve real customer service excellence

Engage with customers by intelligently identifying the right time to cross and up sell. Use customer feedback to deliver an unbeatable standard of service across the business, grounded in meaningful KPIs.

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