At SynGro we are always looking for great candidates in every area of business. If you have a passion for enterprise-level business improvement and think you would fit into our dynamic results-driven environment, please complete the form below to register your interest.

To help you determine whether you would like to be part of SynGro and have the necessary skills and attributes to succeed, find more information below about key roles within SynGro.

Technology and Software Development

SynGro products are based on Microsoft stack and solutions are developed using .NET framework. Our technology and software development team strive for high software quality, maintainability, reliability and extensibility.

Our development team members have core competency in the following core application development environments and languages: Microsoft .NET framework, C#, Java script, Web forms, MVC, Entity Framework, WCF, SQL Server including integration and analysis services.

If you would like to be part of a strong team culture, encouraging personal development in core skills and latest technologies required to develop large scale enterprise level web based applications, then please get in touch.

Customer Operations Management

Quality of service and exceeding customer expectations is absolutely paramount at SynGro. Information security management is a key concern for our clients and is therefore part of day to day business operations.

Our customer operations management is comprised of a number of key functional roles. These include project services, product service delivery management and technical customer support.

The technical support function includes a Development Operations function which provides service support. We provide fully hosted solutions for clients and also manage software problem resolution.

Leadership, judgement, decision making, attention to detail, professionalism, commercial acumen and strong customer focus are critical attributes for being part of the SynGro management team.

We implement structured processes and employ experienced managers in the delivery of project services. These can range from project management of either standard or custom implementations to providing consulting services for implementing complex and large scale Customer Experience Management programs.

We implement a customer service and account management function to ensure customers have the necessary support services as well as fully managing and delivering program roadmap expectations.

Sales and Marketing

At SynGro, our sales and marketing team work closely together to generate interest and help businesses find the right services and products to suite their unique requirements.

SynGro marketing focuses on creating and promoting online content to educate the market on customer experience and help them build and gain the internal support required to drive successful Customer Experience projects.

Key marketing skills include copywriting, graphic editing, managing online promotion and advertising, design and creation of sales support materials including presentations and bids as well as developing relationships within the market.

Our sales team focus on fostering and developing relationships with businesses both in the UK and across Europe. Members of the sales team must be able to grasp technical concepts quickly and communicate these easily to others.

If you are interested in a career with SynGro, please get in touch.



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