Best and Worst UK Energy Companies 2014

According to Which?, customer satisfaction is falling among leading UK energy companies.

Their latest reserch states that overall customer score for energy firms is now at 41pc - a drop of 8pc and among the lowest average scores n out of all the surveys that produced by Which?.

The six largest energy companies occupy the six lowest rankings on the scoring list. So why should energy companies take notice of customer experience?

Profitability: 76% of consumers would pay 5% more for a better experience - 53% would pay 10% and 10% would pay 25% more - Accenture

Loyalty: Experience is a more powerful driver of loyalty than price - 55% for banks and 47% for retailers - Forrester Banking & Retail Report 

Equity:  Over a 6 year period, CX leaders outperformed the S&P 500 index by 28%. Those who had poor CX performance lagged the index by almost 20% - Watermark Investment Consulting

Consistency: In the UK, a £100 investment in the National Consumer Satisfaction Index fund in 2007 would have by June 2011 returned £159 whilst the same investment in the FTSE 100 would have returned just £94 

Efficiency: A one point increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT) has been proven to improve cash flow by 4% in major organisations - Journal of Marketing

Customers are turning up the heat on energy companies - differentiating on customer experience is the key if the sector is to regain trust and maintain margins.

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Measure to Manage: Three Customer Experience Metrics

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