Andrew Gray joins SynGro

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Gray has joined SynGro as Head of Technology.

Andrew brings 20 years experience of various sectors including telco, finance, defense, and network management.

He started his career in software development, working on network management solutions for 3Com Corporation. In that time he was granted three US software patents. He went on to create a brand new development department in Hyderabad India working on products to manage VoIP servers.

After 3Com, Andrew worked as Director of Research & Development at Artilium UK, delivering mobile phone location based services for a number of European telcos. This product covered SIM clients, smartphone clients, and a fully stateless service oriented architecture based on .NET. Andrew further contributed to patented innovations for location methods and processing.

Andrew will help ensure that SynGro's SEAMS Voice of the Customer software solution continues to be at the leading edge of customer experience management technology.

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