What is the role of the CX director?


In 2011, industry analysts estimated that there were 2,200 CX directors worldwide.

Today, there are 12,000 senior figures with responsibility for CX. How has the role of the CX leader developed?   

A recent survey of 150 leading CEOs has revealed that Customer Experience Management is now their #1 area of investment. This increased investment has been matched by a similar increase in expectations about the business value the CX programme should deliver.   

The companies who have had the greatest success in managing customer experience to keep valuable customers, boost their share of wallet and attract new business have one common factor - a CX Director who reports directly to the chief executive. 

However, a majority still do not have a direct line to the CEO:   

15% report to the CMO 

They focus on values and reputation to boost loyalty and retain customers to stand apart from competitors based on brand strength. 

30% report to operational directors

They focus on adaptive improvement and quality to boost products and services and compete by raising and meeting customer expectations. 

30% report to customer service directors

They focus on customer satisfaction and the swift resolution of problems to differentiate based on customer service. 

Only 25% report directly to the CEO

In these companies the CX Director cuts across departments with the ultimate goal of establishing the right metrics across the business, and differentiating based on a truly customer-centric company culture.  

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