What is the critical difference between customer experience programmes that deliver transformational ROI, and those that don’t?

A CEO who truly advocates for the customer.

Too many customer experience management programmes underperform or fail altogether due to siloed departments, poor communication and fatal half-measures.

Only the CEO has the business-wide authority to place the customer at the heart of all operations.

In today's market of tight margins and agile, informed consumers, customer experience has become the prime differentiator. Customer experience metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) are now regularly featured in the annual reports of the world’s top companies.


Measuring and acting on customer insight has been proven time and again to be a valuable predictor of profitability, share price and company value. However, not all customer experience programmes are created equal.

No other customer experience software company is as sensitive to the priorities of the CEO, or as outcome-driven, as SynGro.

Why SynGro?

With SynGro, senior executives are no longer looking in the rear view mirror to make decisions. From comprehensive real-time customer feedback capture through to business-focussed reporting, analysis and case management - we have you covered:

  • Drive up profitability – real time multichannel customer insight to identify competitive advantage and guide decision making
  • A 360° single customer view that joins up customer feedback with financial data to enable your company to remove risk and capitalise on opportunity
  • Beyond surveys - action-oriented analysis, reporting and case management that ensures customer insight fuels confident business improvements
  • Crystal clear reporting – customisable, actionable and automated reporting for the CEO and senior executives as well as frontline staff and operational leaders - all specific to your company, industry and competitive landscape


SynGro enable leading complex B2B and B2C companies to gather feedback from any channel and integrate financial, organisational and CRM data to drive business improvements of unambiguous value.

That's why global CEOs insist on SynGro customer experience technology.

What are my next steps?


Paying lip service to customer experience is not enough.

CEO's need to own their role and place the customer at the heart of the boardroom. This exclusive SynGro briefing paper outlines the transformational role of the CEO as the ultimate customer advocate.

  • What do CX leaders have in common?

    A CEO who ultimately owns the customer experience programme. Click to the left to download the paper and learn why.

  • Why can't the CEO delegate CX?

    Only the CEO can guarantee the company-wide buy in that is required to establish a transformational customer experience programme.

  • The role of the CEO defined

    Understand the true role of the CEO in transforming the company's customer experience programme - with a clear industry example of what you could achieve.

  • What questions must the CEO ask?

    Discover the key questions a CEO should ask their executive team and senior managers when mobilising a customer experience programme - and how SynGro technology can help.

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