Profit from Insight - the role of the CX Director

Investment in customer experience has grown significanly in recent years with industry analysts predicting that the pace will only accelerate. This investment has dovetailed with the rise of a new breed of executive - the Customer Experience Director.

However, managing a large customer experience programme is no easy task. Many executives do not have the resources to confidently assess the financial impact of CX. Many more struggle to separate the noise from multi-channel customer feedback to uncover the critical issues that make the difference between being a market leader, or playing catch-up. 

Put simply, they know customer insight is critical to future success, but can't fully unlock its power.

Though (as the Journal of Marketing states) a one point increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT) has been proven to improve cash flow by 4%, many Customer Experience Directors are still challenged to make the business case for customer experience management understood throughout their own company.

SynGro are the strongest ally of CX directors who insist that the Voice of the Customer is heard and acted upon across the business, but need flexible CX technology, proof points and demonstrable ROI to make it happen.

Why SynGro?

Customer experience directors need a customer experience solution that equips them to deliver real business impact. SynGro support CX professionals with the next-generation voice of the customer software toolkit:

  • True multi-channel feedback capture – scheduled, transactional and ad-hoc multi-channel surveys, including the latest in text, sentiment, social media and multi-language feedback capture
  • Think beyond the score - seasoned CX directors know they have to think beyond a single metric. SynGro customer experience software is built to support multiple metrics and easy integration with the financial, CRM and other systems you need to gain a complete view
  • Action from insight - action-oriented analysis, reporting and closed loop management that ensures customer insight fuels business improvements and reinforces the business case for CX in your company to delight your customers
  • Crystal clear reporting – customisable, actionable and automated reporting for the board, CX team and frontline staff to ensure that everyone owns their part of the customer relationship - no more siloes

That's why customer experience directors trust SynGro to reveal real time multi-channel insight and demonstrate the unambigious value of harnessing the voice of the customer.

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Customer Intelligence: conquering the CX battleground

Download our exclusive free white paper that explores the evolution of Customer Intelligence as the next generation of CX, and the need for an effective Customer Intelligence technology platform.

  • Eliminate customer information data silos

    Consolidate all customer feedback, complaints, and interactions from across disparate systems and channels.

  • Integrate CX and other organisational data

    Give context to customer feedback by overlaying financial, operational, and behavioural information to enable insightful decision making.

  • Users customise their own reports

    Business users create the insight that is relevant to them, irrespective of hierarchy or organisational structure.

  • Create actions and manage with workflow

    Schedule and track essential follow-up actions to operationalise CX insight. Make actions visible and people accountable.

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