The need to reduce customer churn is greater than ever in today’s landscape of saturated markets and agile consumers.

Who leads the front line fight back? Customer service, contact centre and customer support executives.

When it comes to the crunch, the actions of these front line staff very often make the difference between a long and prosperous customer relationship, or a swift separation. The Customer Service Director is responsible for delivering great customer experiences even in the most challenging circumstances.

When customers make contact and whether they do so face to face, online or on the phone, they must receive a consistent brand experience underpinned by KPIs that reflect success for the customer - not just the company.

When KPIs are established based on operational efficiency alone the customer is frequently a casuality.

If a customer makes a complaint, customer service leaders know that it doesn't matter if their waiting time for an advisor was short, or if the agent "dealt with" dozens of customers. When there's a problem - it's not resolved until the customer says so.

Although standard operational KPIs indicate a surface-level of efficiency, and can provide important operational context, they neglect the urgent need to compete on customer experience.

SynGro Customer Intelligence technology can help customer service leaders to reset the balance, apply powerful insight,and win on CX.


Why SynGro?

With SynGro, customer service executives, account managers and contact centre colleagues are equipped with the business critical system they need to delight customers. Transform the contact centre from a cost centre to a value-creation centre using real-time customer feedback:

  • A 360° single customer view that joins up customer feedback with financial data to enable your company to remove risk and capitalise on opportunity Employee engagement - action-oriented analysis, reporting and case management that ensures customer service staff have all the tools they need to delight customers.
  • Crystal clear reporting – customisable, actionable and automated reporting for the CEO and senior executives as well as frontline staff and operational leaders - create customer-focussed KPIs that drive real value.
  • Closed Loop Service Recovery - closed loop case management automatically triggered by customer feedback trends, sentiment analysis and pattern matching - understand issues in real time and take action to rescue at-risk customers, uncover the root causes of detraction and resolve issues completely.
  • Business Improvement and Best Operating Practices - SynGro Business Improvement and Best Operating Practice modules ensure that insight is elevated to the strategic level to drive practical and tactical operational improvements and customer-centric procedures. Reduce repeat calls and emails by establishing a Right First Time culture.


SynGro enable leading complex B2B and B2C companies to gather feedback from any channel and integrate financial, organisational and CRM data to drive business improvements of unambiguous value.

That's why customer service directors select SynGro's action-oriented Customer Intelligence technology.

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Customer Intelligence: conquering the CX battleground

Download our exclusive free white paper that explores the evolution of Customer Intelligence as the next generation of CX, and the need for an effective Customer Intelligence technology platform.

  • Eliminate customer information data silos

    Consolidate all customer feedback, complaints, and interactions from across disparate systems and channels.

  • Integrate CX and other organisational data

    Give context to customer feedback by overlaying financial, operational, and behavioural information to enable insightful decision making.

  • Users customise their own reports

    Business users create the insight that is relevant to them, irrespective of hierarchy or organisational structure.

  • Create actions and manage with workflow

    Schedule and track essential follow-up actions to operationalise CX insight. Make actions visible and people accountable.

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