The Chief Information Officer or IT Director has a critical role in any large, information-rich organisation.

Today, the CIO is recognised as having a pivotal role to making the customer-centric vision a reality.

Without the partnership of IT, customer experience professionals are often limited to working on the fringes .

In collaboration with IT, game-changing improvements are possible that ensure that the customer’s voice reaches every corner of the company.

Put simply, customer experience management is perhaps the most compelling area of business priority for IT leaders to prove, once again, that they have a critical position in today’s data-led corporate world.

Designed from the ground up to integrate with external CRM, case management and financial systems, SynGro’s customer experience management software is preferred by IT directors for its power, flexibility and functionality.

More than this, our ease of implementation and relentless focus on scalability and configurability means that CIO's are assured that their business benefits from customer experience software that is right both now, and in the future.

Why SynGro?

With SynGro, senior executives are no longer looking in the rear view mirror to make decisions. From comprehensive real-time customer feedback capture through to business-focussed reporting, analysis and case management - we have you covered:

  • Integration and flexibility – IT leaders need customer experience software that is easy to integrate with and responsive to changing business requirements. With SynGro, they have that confidence.
  • On-premise or hosted - the choice is yours. SynGro meets your needs for hosting and secuity.
  • Scalable and reliable - a solution that meets your business and technical requirements now, and in the future - backed up by expert support.
  • A 360° single customer view that joins up customer feedback with financial data to enable your company to remove risk and capitalise on opportunity
  • Crystal clear reporting – customisable, actionable and automated reporting for the CEO and senior executives as well as frontline staff and operational leaders.


SynGro enable leading complex B2B and B2C companies to gather feedback from any channel and integrate financial, organisational and CRM data to drive business improvements of unambiguous value.

That's why leading IT directors and CIOs recommend SynGro

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Customer Intelligence: conquering the CX battleground

Download our exclusive free white paper that explores the evolution of Customer Intelligence as the next generation of CX, and the need for an effective Customer Intelligence technology platform.

  • Eliminate customer information data silos

    Consolidate all customer feedback, complaints, and interactions from across disparate systems and channels.

  • Integrate CX and other organisational data

    Give context to customer feedback by overlaying financial, operational, and behavioural information to enable insightful decision making.

  • Users customise their own reports

    Business users create the insight that is relevant to them, irrespective of hierarchy or organisational structure.

  • Create actions and manage with workflow

    Schedule and track essential follow-up actions to operationalise CX insight. Make actions visible and people accountable.

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Create your own reports and dashboards from omnichannel customer information. Use integrated analytics to make informed business decisions.                Facilitate action, manage performance, and improve your profitablity.