Marketers face an uphill struggle

Never before have your ideal customers been so informed and empowered. Customers actively resist companies who see them as the passive recipients of marketing messages and there are few obstacles for those who intend to switch to a competitor. In today's digitally connected world there is little scope for error and in the meantime, the pressure for new sales never stops.

How can marketers achieve competitive advantage?

Companies are drowning in data. In can seem an impossible task to come to a settled conclusion on "what customers really want" when the volume and quality of data open to marketers varies so much and is incomplete due to internal siloes.

Customer insight is the answer

A systematic, intelligent approach to capturing customer feedback cuts through these concerns. SynGro's CX software is used by marketers in global B2C and B2B companies who require a real-time view of customers. That means true multi-channel feedback captured at all points in the customer lifecycle, reported on alongside financial, operational and industry data.

The result? Marketing aligned to customer need, driving increases in customer loyalty, advocacy and share of wallet - and happy marketing directors.

Why do global marketers select SynGro Voice of the Customer technology?

  • Foresight not hindsight: SynGro enables you to anticipate future behaviours, providing a meaningful stream of real time customer insight, not outdated chunks of historical information
  • Customer risk  revealed: SynGro software helps you prioritise – tailor marketing messages and strategic offers to dissatisfied customers and engage appropriately to recover them
  • Capitalise on opportunity: engage with happy customers to promote advocacy and deepen loyalty - open up cross sell and collaboration opportunities
  • Removing guesswork, driving action: SynGro customer experience software enables you to ensure that your marketing message resonates based on real-time insight drawn from your target customer segments
  • Identify patterns of negative feedback and act on the early warning signs of damaging viral stories or more subtle negative trends - protect your brand.


SynGro customer experience software gives marketing professionals all the insight they need to make sure their marketing messages resonate with multiple audiences and see the competitive landscape through the eyes of the people who matter most - your customers.

What are my next steps?


Marketing in 2016 is all about insight

The world of the marketing director is becoming ever more data driven. A brand is no longer what we tell customers, but what customers tell us. To negotiate this new business landscape, marketing leaders need to know what it takes to compete using customer insight.

  • Competitive benchmarking with customer experience

    Marketing professionals need to understand where they fit in the competitive landscape to craft meaningful marketing messages. Learn how to benchmark intelligently with competitors and gear up for growth

  • Measure brand health and get scientific about your message

    Understand how marketers can benefit from using customer insight to guide messaging. Which elements of product, service and brand are most important to customers? You may be surprised

  • Choosing customer experience metrics - is NPS enough?

    Are you a marketing director who has responsibility for the customer experience programme? You are not alone. Learn how to select metrics and gather internal buy-in

  • Customer-centric communications and KPIs

    Marketing directors can be frustrated when front line staff don't act as the best of brand ambassadors. Discover how CX-driven KPIs can make a real difference and align staff, message and customers

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