Posted: 26th November 2013

Tesco chairman: “Customer experience is more important than product”

This week, Tesco Chairman Sir Richard Broadbent told The Sunday Times that “The company that provides the best relationship with the customer will win — not through product, but through the best experience.”

His comments came in response to the viral spread of a customer’s blog post that described the Tesco store in Haggerston as ‘the worst place in the world’

Sir Richard said that this case illustrated why the retail industry has to adapt to become more customer-centric:

“Haggerston is what we are talking about. The world is becoming more volatile, things spread much more quickly, the groups that people trust have changed. We don’t defend problems, we tackle them. Any organisation has to be much more open, transparent, and responsive.”

Reports say that Tesco was quick to respond to the blog’s criticism, with one commenter confirming that “they’ve hired staff and the place is full”.

Tesco’s senior executives have been responsive, but just how much of a differentiator is customer experience, and why can CX be more important than product?

Transformational Customer Experience: The CEO’s Role outlines why the CEO is the lynchpin of the CX programme.

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