About Maru/Syngro

Who we are

Maru/Syngro is a customer intelligence organisation with a team of committed individuals who are passionate about enabling businesses to put customers at the centre of everything they do.

About Maru/Syngro customer intelligence

What we do

We provide world-leading Customer Experience reporting, analytics, and performance management software to empower enterprises with the customer insight they need to grow and retain customers, and drive profitable action. At Maru/Syngro, we extend beyond our product by offering our additional consulting, training and support services.

Our global clients can integrate omnichannel customer feedback with financial, operational, and CRM data and act on customer insight from more than 80 countries and in 30 different languages.

About Maru/Syngro customer intelligence

Why we do it

Founded in 2004, Maru/Syngro started as a Customer Experience consultancy helping organisations of varying sizes to implement and roll-out effective CX programmes.

In 2006, we began developing the technology to help organisations be more customer-focused. Two years later, Maru/Syngro rolled out its first Voice of the Customer system. In addition to a technology solution, we offered education and consulting to help organisations worldwide to adopt customer-centric processes to transform their businesses. Maru/Syngro was one of the early pioneers that advocated this view of business and encouraged genuine customer-centricity.

Over the subsequent years, our VoC customers told us they wanted more. They needed to be able to easily access the information and insight to:

  • clearly demonstrate to employees how customer feedback affects their role;
  • drive and track actions to help employees respond quickly to customers;
  • integrate financial data to provide urgency, give context and guide priorities;
  • put CX information into the hands of users so they can create, present and analyse the data that is most important to them.
About Maru/Syngro customer intelligence

We listened

We listened, and Syngro Eye was released to market in January 2016 after 18 months R&D that included a 5-month beta programme, drawing crucial feedback from user organisations worldwide.

Syngro Eye has been created by the market, for the market.

And we continue to listen to our customers, working with leading organisations and institutions to innovate and bring new functionality to our software, to meet and exceed expectations.

Contact us to find out more about how Syngro Eye can help you drive profit from customer insight.