Customer Experience Consultancy

Founded in 2004, Maru/Syngro has its origins in Customer Experience consultancy, training and support. We have a deep understanding of the CX hurdles businesses commonly face.

Maru/Syngro offer bespoke consulting, based on proven methodologies, to help maximise the success of your CX programme.

Customer Experience Consulting includes:

  • Our consultancy Setting KPIs manageable to your organisation
  • Setting workflow alerts as part of effective performance management
  • Best practice advice on employee dashboards
  • Guides on generating Customer Experience reports specific to employees/departments
  • Advice on how to map and effectively measure your customer journey across key touchpoints
  • How best to display customer journey with our customisable user-friendly dashboards
  • Our Customer Experience Consultancy explains Customer Experience measurements and metrics
  • We provide help with choosing which Customer Experience metrics are right for your business
  • We also can advise on how to analyse the data as an outcome of a specific metric
  • We support the easy integration process with other data systems
  • Provide guidance on integration of Customer Experience metrics with other data or performance metrics
  • Integrate workflow alerts into your organisation’s existing CRM systems for case or closed loop management
  • Best practice advice on how best to manage your customer data
  • Guidance on combining data silos
  • Customer Experience Consultancy advice on data templates best suited to your organisations needs